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About Epic.

The industry that we belong to is an uneven, uneasy yet benefitting experiential industry. It is like the deserted flora which refuses to die but to flourish in any condition, exceptionally. However, in the modern day, the race of perfection challenges every industry to be a part or get going in a matter or a very little time. This so called ‘Growth’ culture is the one thing that pushes us to any extreme and expects improvement in every phase of it. It is merely about the initial complications and the final outcomes which dominates one over the another, depending about the ‘kind’ of growth, particular organization has inclined to.

Epic India, however, has transformed drastically over a short span of time. It is literally, about the style of prioritizing quality over almost anything, regardless several extra hours for the craftsmanship. It is also, majorly, about the steps taken to deal with the so called ‘putting up with the competition’ race and keeping up with the standards as well. But we have a clause, a thought. That goes by Bela Bartok’s words “Competition is for horses, not artists”, which drives us crazy and makes us avid risk takers.

This is what it is. You can attain absolute gold by spending several hours on the metallic cleansing but to get diamond, you’ve got to dig, quite literally. Our faith in ‘Hard Work comes with a price, Work Smart’ culture gets us closer and closer to the perfection every day. The way Epic India Group has transformed from a tour managing individuals to a set of people delivering breath taking events to the leading media producer organization in such span is interesting.

Six Years ago, there were a set of people with a Venn Diagram of majorly dreams and energy unified together to deliver travel solution to the corporate needs. Almost 2 Years into the run and the course of time made this set realize that their course is not just about managing tours and travels but event and operations are on the either hand too. Hence, Epic India Tours and Travels evolved dramatically giant to Epic India Events and Tours. This evolution turned out to be a smart evolution and within no time, Epic had managed the first SABRE Awards ever to take place in India followed by ICCO Summit, Indus Towers’ Sports League, Safety Campaigns and such huge projects. But as Kowalski Brothers quoted “…it isn’t growing until it’s expanding.” Well, let’s just say that the team Epic India took their words, a little too seriously!

Year 2016, Epic realized that a canvas isn’t really a canvas without colors. The more the colors, the prettier the painting, and boy were they right! Epic India further evolved into a media and visual effects production house with a new title, particulary known as Epic VISual COMmunication or Viscom, for short. What used to be Epic India Events and Tours and Visual Communications expandedly shortened to Epic India Group. Providing services like Branding, Advertisement Design, Experiential (Tech) Design, VFX, 3D, Virtual Reality/Augumented Reality content, Activation Design, Product Analysis Design, Corporate Identity Design, Live Broadcast, 360 Videography and much more, it continued to set a benchmark in their kind. Sooner, the Unique Selling Point of the company was identified as the ultra flexible nature of work.

Calling it a competition isn’t really suitable. It is a battlefield kind of world we live in. It is a fight for perfection. The destination nowadays doesn’t really matters as the true sense of growth lies in the medium of the journey or the race and for Epic India, the race has just started!

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